Fall / Winter 2016/17

This is the story of an encounter, of a spark and the passion it turns on. But this time, it’s not the usual love story. This is about a very special encounter: an embrace between different visions, generations and styles

Father and son, grandfather and grandson, heritage and modernity, classical rigour and pure informality, Italian style and cosmopolitan spirit.
On the one hand the affirmation of an identity, on the other hand the desire to reinvent oneself, go further, always create something new.
The classic pea coat meets an unexpected lightness.

Jackets inspired by classic cuts, reborn in a new form.Pinstripes combined with the colours of floral prints. Shirts find their own nonchalant soul.
A collection that regenerates the idea of a style that moves along the path marked by tradition, but with the speed and dynamism of our time.