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Made-to-measure garments are the quintessence of elegance, intended in the original sense of elegantia that indicates the ability of knowing how to choose.


Made-to-measure garments are the quintessence of elegance, intended in the original sense of elegantia that specifies the ability of knowing how to choose. Salvatore Piccolo’s passion and experience in bespoke shirts are echoed in the creation of his "doubly-perfect" tailored garment: (1) in its excellent craftsmanship and (2) in its ability to respond to the requests and preferences of customers whilst always leaving them widest freedom of choice.
From the selection of the finest fabrics to the meticulous creation of the most exclusive details, our bespoke service adheres to the blueprint of traditional Neapolitan tailoring to create a modern garment that is truly bespoke: able to satisfy every personal and valued requisite of elegance. The Salvatore Piccolo tailored shirts are exclusive and unique garments because they are stitched perfectly by hand upon your request.



Bespoke is an extremely sophisticated artisan process that is reiterated, shirt after shirt, through all the requisite manual procedures. It all begins with the time-old ritual of taking the measurements, an opportunity to relish the tailor’s premises, to be savoured just like a good Neapolitan coffee at the bar.
It initiates a dialogue between the customer and the tailor, it is a way of meeting, evaluating, sharing and understanding each other. The tailor’s main skill called into action at this stage lies not the cutting or sewing, but in his ability to listen. Because there is no worse "tailor" than one who does not want to hear. A perfect fit must be the prerequisite of each made-to-measure shirt, which is why apart from sizing-up the customer’s physical measurements it is essential that the tailor also comprehends and respects his wishes and personal taste.
After taking the measurements the tailor creates a toile and schedules the first fitting. During this fitting, the client will try on the toile that has been already cut exactly to his measurements, not a standard size. If the fit is not satisfactory a new toile is created followed by a second fitting. If, however, the measurements are precise then the assemblage of the shirt commences. This method ensures a shirt with a perfect fit because it is accurately designed on the customer’s own measurements.
Before cutting, the fabric is washed at 30 º/40 º C to prevent shrinkage. It is then dried and ironed ready for the cutting process which is exactingly carried out manually with the exclusive use of scissors. Only a hand-cut fabric can guarantee perfection of shape and the best fit. During the cutting process the pattern and design of the fabric must be taken into account, so that all the stripes or pattern repeats match up perfectly on the completed garment.

In Salvatore Piccolo’s atelier the tradition of "tailor-made" has been revived and, with the skilled hands of artisans and specialists, it is exalted and becomes art. An excellence that lies in the secular heritage of Neapolitan tailoring and in Salvatore Piccolo’s and his mother’s personal experience in the manufacture of high quality and prestigious bespoke shirts.

eight manual
for a truly traditional
bespoke shirt.



The great tradition of the Neapolitan bespoke shirt is respected in the finest of details, carried out exclusively with hand-stitching for eight fundamental procedures: the armholes, collar, shoulder yoke, mouche, cuff placket, front placket, buttonholes, buttons. These are indispensable, and not purely aesthetic, steps because they are crucial towards achieving an excellent fit.

  • • The sewing of the armhole is a detail that is defined with particular attention. The hand-stitching makes the outer edges resistant but, at the same time, flexible and comfortable.
  • • The mouche or fly is traditionally triangular in shape and is sewn by hand on the bottom of the shirt to reinforce the front where it joins the back. The hand -stitching also ensures ease of movement and increased longevity of the shirt.
  • • The hand-sewn shoulder yoke eliminates any inflexibility and stiffness typical of machine-stitching in favour of improved wearability.

  • • The hand-stitched bar tack helps to define the sleeve and is extremely skilfully stitched to add a touch of uniqueness and elegance.
  • • The placket is the front part of the shirt which holds the buttons closed by a reinforced bar tack. The hand-sewn front placket adapts perfectly to the customer’s physical characteristics.
  • • In line with traditional methods the collars and cuffs are still cut following the customer’s requisites and measurements; they are then interlined by hand and not ironed or glued on. This procedure gives the neck and cuffs a more natural, softer and lighter feel. The particularly intricate collar seam is entrusted to the most experienced tailors.
  • • The buttonhole – durable and yet created with delicate art of embroidery – is probably the true emblem of bespoke. Sewing buttonholes by hand is akin to absolute perfection and the procedure requires patience, experience and time; the whole process takes about 45 minutes.
  • • The buttons are made of precious mother of pearl and attached by hand with a needle and thread: in addition to bestowing a touch of extreme elegance they guarantee high resistance to usage.

The passion contained in every gesture, in every detail of the finishings and in the respect for tradition is the pledge of an elegance that is repeated and upheld every time. The amount of manual procedures are never excessive as they are more ornamental than functional. A "completely handmade" shirt is a pure stylistic mannerism which sometimes ends up being detrimental as it does not add anything to the style, rather it ends up by weakening the structure of the shirt.

The uniqueness of a Salvatore Piccolo bespoke garment goes far beyond the ability to customise a shirt by following the customer’s physical characteristics and requisites. Its uniqueness lies primarily in the pleasure of wearing a garment created from the experience and manual knowhow of a person who skilfully interprets a time-old tradition and makes it sublimely contemporary.

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